Write for us

write for us

We love it when people write for us! We are all for budding writers to express their opinions. Will give you a platform to share your voice. Just keep the following in mind!

Our Promise

We will give your ideas the right platform. We know you have too many opinions to share and a lot of ideas that can change the industry. So, we promise to offer you a blank canvas to paint in your colors. The AppCloneScript platform is the right place for you to spill the beans!

Your Promise

Now, we love you alright. But you must promise some things to us as well! To make sure that we can publish your ideas in a non-objectionable way, we need you to promise that you will not defame, criticize or insult any individual or company using our platform. This is a medium for growth. Let’s not slander anyone here!

All your questions

What can I write about?

Feel free to take a look at what all we’ve been writing about to get a general idea of what we like to publish. Yet, if you really need an outline of topics, here’s what we prefer:

  • Start-ups
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • App/Product/Brand Review
  • E-commerce
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mobile Apps and Software
  • Videos/Infographics
  • Business Tips
  • Lifestyle
  • Reviews
  • How-To
  • Travel
  • Digital Marketing
  • Health
  • Fashion
  • Legal
  • Casino (We do not accept post for this category)
  • Gaming (We do not accept post for this category)
  • Gambling (We do not accept post for this category)
  • Adult (We do not accept post for this category)

Will I get paid?

Sorry, NO. We pride ourselves on being the perfect platform to lend a voice to your ideas. If we start paying you, your content will lose legitimacy as it will be counted as paid promotional material. Now, we don’t want that, do we?

IS my submission exclusive to this site?

Of course! What you write for us will be celebrated here! Unfortunately, you cannot repost this material anywhere else because it would just become redundant over the internet. If your topic is meaningful and the content relevant, then you will be able to pull in all the readers to your article right here. Reposting would make it lose legitimacy.

What is the word limit around here?

We would prefer a minimum of 600 to 1000 words with a summary of 250 chars. Anything less than that isn’t very elaborate or informative.

Do I need to inform you about my topic for you in advance?

Yes, we’d like that very much.

If you are interested to publish a guest post on appclonescript.com, then knock us via email [email protected].


  • Need 600 to 1000 words SEO optimized Content with a copyright-free image.
  • We will edit the original content if we need any changes.
  • The post will be deleted at any time if we found any issue with it.
  • No content will be posted with pornographic material, links to pornographic sites, adult content, casino, gambling, online gaming, illegal activities, offensive content, abusive material.

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