In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, agility has become the name of the game. Organizations across various industries are embracing Agile methodologies to stay competitive and responsive to ever-changing customer demands. As a result, Scrum Masters have become essential figures in driving Agile transformations. To stand out in this competitive field, Scrum Masters need to continually enhance their skills and knowledge. One effective way to do this is by obtaining Scrum Master certifications. In 2023, several Scrum Master certifications are in high demand, reflecting the ongoing importance of Agile and Scrum practices. In this article, we’ll explore the top Scrum Master certifications that are in demand this year.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

The Certified Scrum Master certification, offered by the Scrum Alliance, continues to be one of the most sought-after certifications for Scrum Masters. It provides a foundational understanding of Scrum principles and practices and equips individuals with the skills to serve as effective Scrum Masters. To obtain this certification, candidates must attend a two-day CSM training course and pass the CSM exam. CSM is widely recognized and accepted globally, making it a valuable certification for Scrum professionals.

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) is a certification offered by, a leading organization in Scrum training and certification. PSM I is renowned for its rigorous assessment, which includes a 60-minute exam with 80 multiple-choice questions. This certification is highly respected in the Agile community and demonstrates a strong understanding of Scrum principles, roles, and responsibilities. Scrum Masters who earn their PSM I certification prove their ability to apply Scrum in real-world scenarios.

Certified Agile Coach (CAC)

As organizations mature in their Agile journey, the demand for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters with coaching skills continues to rise. The Agile Coach certification, provided by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), focuses on coaching and mentoring in an Agile environment. Scrum Masters who aspire to guide teams and organizations through Agile transformations can benefit greatly from this certification.

Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)

The Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) certification, offered by the Scrum Alliance, is designed for experienced Scrum Masters who want to take their skills to the next level. To be eligible for CSP, candidates must hold an existing CSM certification and demonstrate several years of hands-on experience as a Scrum Master. Earning CSP status showcases a deep understanding of Scrum practices and a commitment to continuous improvement.

SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (SASM)

Scaled Agile, Inc. offers the SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (SASM) certification, which is tailored for Scrum Masters operating within a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) context. SAFe is gaining traction as organizations adopt Agile at scale, and Scrum Masters with SASM certification possess the skills needed to facilitate Agile adoption across multiple teams and at the enterprise level.


In 2023, Scrum Masters play a critical role in helping organizations navigate the complexities of Agile transformations and stay competitive in their respective industries. To excel in this role and stand out in a competitive job market, Scrum Masters should consider obtaining one or more of the in-demand certifications mentioned above. These certifications not only validate their expertise but also equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead Agile initiatives successfully.

However, it’s important to note that certifications are just one aspect of a Scrum Master’s journey. Continuous learning, practical experience, and effective communication skills are equally essential. As the demand for Agile professionals continues to grow, Scrum Masters who stay committed to their professional development will remain at the forefront of this dynamic field, driving organizational success through Agile methodologies.

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By Anurag Rathod

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