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Your oral health is equally important, just like your overall well-being. You cannot consider yourself fit if your dental health isn’t fine! Poor oral health can lead to gum diseases, and dental cavities, and in some cases, might trigger heart problems, diabetes, and even cancer.

So, if this is ringing some bells in your mind, and you feel concerned about your oral health, it is time to seek help from professionals offering services in general dentistry in San Antonio.

Maintaining healthy gums and teeth isn’t any one-time thing. It is a commitment you make for life, and the earlier you start with your habits, the better health you will attain in the long run.

As per WHO’s Global Oral Health Status Report of 2022, around 3.5 billion people were affected by oral diseases across the globe. This creates an alarming situation, and more people should be made aware of the importance associated with dental or oral health.

So, let’s take this article further to help educate you on dental and oral health and what you must do in order to keep it maintained.

What are the Symptoms You Must Keep Track of for Oral or Dental Problems?

The first thing you should know is not to wait for the dental adversity symptoms to worsen before seeking general dental treatment. Instead, you should maintain a routine of visiting your dentists at least twice a year. This would help them catch any dental disease beforehand, enabling them to have better chances of recovery.

But, most people wait till they see the symptoms arising before setting up their first dental appointments. Very few people make it a periodic habit! So, for them, the obvious question is, ‘How will I know if I need a dental checkup?’

Well, the moment you start noticing the subtle dental disease symptoms, you should wait no more and book your appointment with the best clinics offering general dentist services. So, some of the symptoms of poor oral health that you must take note of are:

●  Sores, ulcers, or tender regions around the mouth which isn’t healing by themselves for a stretch of two weeks

●  Swollen or bleeding gums after flossing or brushing

●  A chronic problem with bad breath

●  Persistent toothache

●  Loose teeth

●  Sudden sensitivity to hot or cold beverages and foods.

●  Broken or cracked teeth

●  Consistent dry mouth problems

●  Swelling in cheek or face

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or have a hint of developing them, go and see your dentist right away. This would be the first step you would take to ensure your oral health doesn’t deteriorate over time.

What are the Common Causes of Triggering Dental and Oral Diseases?

Now that you know what indications to observe for seeing a dentist right away, it is also essential to know the avoidable causes, which will help prevent the disorders even further.

You must know that the oral cavity in humans consists of all sorts of fungi, viruses, and bacteria, some of which are actually intended to be there, while others are causing a problem. For instance, if you are consuming too much of a sugary diet, then the acid-producing bacteria might grow in abundance, resulting in the dissolution of tooth enamel, which will trigger dental cavities.

Bacteria that accumulates near the gumline triggers the production of plaque, which then hardens and grows down to the tooth length. Plaque build-ups cannot be removed with usual flossing or brushing and need the dentist’s attention. Plaque build-ups, when it goes unattended, result in gum inflammation, which results in gingivitis.

An increased rate of inflammation will pull your gums away from the teeth, which creates pockets filled with pus, which worsens to cause a serious dental issue, namely periodontitis.

Now, these are the fundamental stages of oral health worsening over time. Some of the lifestyle habits or causes that might contribute to worsening your oral health and take them to the periodontitis or gingivitis stage of problems include:

●  Maintaining poor oral hygiene

●  Smoking regularly

●  Frequently consuming sugary drinks or foods

●  Suffering from diabetes

●  Use medications that reduce the saliva level in your mouth.

●  Hormonal changes (In women)

●  Heartburn or acid reflux

●  Frequent vomiting

These are some of the triggers or causes that might lead your dental or oral health to experience serious disorders. If you can maintain a good lifestyle by minimizing some or all of the bad habits, may it be food or others, you will be free from serious dental conditions.

What are the Treatment Options Associated with Dental or Oral Problems?

Even if you are taking optimal care of your teeth over time by maintaining your good habits, as recommended by the dentists, you will still need to get periodic dental checkups for prolonged results.

In such sessions, your dentist will diagnose your oral health and will clean the plaque build-ups (if any) by using specific tools. Beyond this, there are certain treatment options for certain conditions that get diagnosed during your routine checkups.

1. Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is recommended after professional clean-up to fight off the cavity problems. As you know, fluoride is a mineral that occurs in your body naturally. The purpose of it is to fight off the acid and bacteria from adversely affecting the tooth enamel. Giving a fluoride treatment would add more strength to the tooth enamel and keep them safe from cavity problems.

2. Root Canal

It is yet another common dental treatment, which is recommended as a toothache relief for tackling decay problems. A root canal becomes necessary when the decay effects reach all the way to the nerves from inside the tooth. During the root canal, the nerve will be removed and will be replaced with a filling. Hence, this is what helps tooth pain to stop caused due to adversity.

3. Fillings, Sealants or Crowns

Fillings are recommended for repairing a crack, hole, or cavity in the tooth, and the crown is used as a cap for the tooth if a large part of it needs removal. Dental sealants, on the other hand, are thin & protective coatings being placed on the back side of molars or teeth. It helps prevent the cavities. Look out for the experts offering services in general dentistry in San Antonio, and they shall help you with what suits the best for your condition.


So, this is a clear explanation of the most important attributes associated with dental or oral health. If this makes you sensible enough to take optimal care of your dental health, you can always reach out to Hardy Oak Family Dentistry and get your oral health diagnosed for early identification of issues and timely clean-ups.

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